Mohave County Flood Control District

NOAA-Port Ground Station Data

The Mohave County Flood Control District maintains a NOAA-Port Ground Station to acquire National Weather Service (NWS) meteorological and hydro-meteorological data, forecasting products, satellite imagery and NEXRAD Radar directly from the C-band NOAA-Port satellite broadcast which is carried on the SES Americom AMC-4 spacecraft. The NOAA-Port satellite broadcast is operated by the U.S. Government to provide data and information to over 150 NWS Weather Forecast Offices. All of the graphics and data available on this site are produced from the District's NOAA-Port Ground Station.

Data acquired from this system is used as a tool by the District to forecast and monitor weather events that may have a potential impact on Mohave County. Mohave County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the data located on this server.

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